75200, ARBORAPID POLE / 1 PART / 4.6'

This one-piece BERGER pole is made of high-strength aluminum and has a length of 4.6'. This allows the user to work comfortably at a working height of approximately 12'. All BERGER attachment tools can be mounted using the click system. At the end of the pole there is a metal clip for attaching to the harness or tool shed. 

*Note, this version of the ArboRapid pole is not telescopic and does not extend.  This is a one piece pole.  If you are looking for a longer, telescopic pole, check out Berger #'s 75300, 75800, 75850, 75900.

- High-strength aluminum tubes

- 4.6' transport length

- Fast changing of the attachments thanks to the click system

- Enables work at heights of up to 12'

- 24.7oz / 4.6' long

In stock! Usually ships within 24 hours.


customer Reviews

Fabian M

The perfect secateurs. I've always had good experiences with the tools. Berger clearly stands for quality and durability.

Annette Biermann

My hand shears, with which I am very satisfied, were repaired free of charge and in the shortest possible time long after the guarantee expired, that is service! Julius Berger tools again at any time.

Philip Stammel

I would recommend anytime. Berger products are in constant use with us.

Dirk Angerman

Competent advice and sales! High-quality tools with great support. Absolutely recommendable❗


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